4 Ways To Make 3d Embroidery Flowers

Want to venture into some stitching techniques that will make 3d embroidery flowers? This article will show you 4 fun ways to do just that! Try incorporating a few of these techniques into your next floral embroidery project to really make your embroidery pop.

Woven Picot

This is one of my favorite 3d embroidery stitches to use for flower petals. The base of a woven picot is attached to the fabric and the rest of the “petal” is left unattached. You can layer these stitches similar to the petals on a sunflower or a daisy. Learn how to make this fun stitch in this woven picot tutorial.

Ribbon Embroidery Flowers

Since ribbon is thicker than traditional embroidery floss, it makes it super easy to create stitches that pop off the fabric. It’s also a unique material to use because you can fold it and secure the ribbon to produce stitches that look very similar to flower petals.

Common embroidery stitches such as the woven wheel and satin stitch are easy ways to create ribbon embroidery that looks like flowers. There are also a few stitches that are unique to ribbon embroidery. If you’re wanting to learn how to use ribbon to create roses and other florals, take a look at this guide to ribbon embroidery.

Stumpwork Flowers

Another super fun way to create 3d embroidery flowers is by making stumpwork leaves and petals. This technique in stumpwork is also commonly called “wire slips” because it uses wire that is attached to the fabric. The wire is formed to the desired shape of the petal or leaf and placed on fabric. Stitches are then worked over top of the wire to secure and conceal it. Then the shape is filled in stitches. Once it’s completely done, you can can cut out the shape, secure it to a piece of background fabric and shape it to your liking! If you’d like to learn the basics of this fun technique, check out this free stumpwork leaf tutorial or this stumpwork houseplant pattern.

woven wheel roses

Woven Wheel Roses

Woven wheels are the perfect stitch for creating stitches that look like roses. This stitch is made up of 5 ‘spokes’ and then the thread is woven under and over around the spokes in a circle until the shape is completely filled in.

To make this stitch even more 3-dimensional you can double up your embroidery floss.

3d Embroidery Flower Patterns

Check out some of these embroidery patterns to learn even more creative ways to make flowers 3-dimensional!

If you’re ready to learn more, this post has even more embroidery stitches for flowers.

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