DIY Nutcracker Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Get in the spirit of the holidays with this DIY nutcracker embroidery hoop ornament. This festive design fits in a 3 inch embroidery hoop and would make for a great weekend project outside of all of your other holiday activities. (Squeeze in some stitching time while the cookies are baking!)

Nutcracker embroidery hoop ornament

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Embroidery Supplies Needed

Here is what you’ll need to make your own embroidery hoop ornament:

Traceable Design

Download the traceable design.

Nutcracker Embroidery

First, you’ll want to transfer your embroidery pattern to the fabric. I used a micron and Solvy water soluble stabilizer to do this.

Note: This project uses 2 strands of embroidery floss at a time.

Stitches used in this tutorial: split stitch, satin stitch, turkey work.

Step 1: Stitching The Hat

Stitching the nutcracker embroidery design

Tip: Split stitches along parts of the outline will help you create neater edges of stitches!

  • Begin making split stitches along the top outline of the hat using 900.
  • Make horizontal satin stitches using 900 to fill in the top of the hat.
  • Split stitch the bottom of the crown using 781.
  • Fill in the crown using vertical satin stitches.

Step 2: The Face

step by step embroidery tutorial
  • Split stitch the outline of the face using 437.
  • Fill in the face using horizontal satin stitches of 437.
  • Make rows of split stitches along the collar to fill it in using 781.

Step 3: Jacket

step by step embroidery tutorial
  • Make vertical satin stitches using 781 to fill in the shoulders.
  • Split stitch the outline of the torso, then fill in the torso using horizontal satin stitches of 900.
  • Split stitch the sides of the arms, then fill in each arm using horizontal satin stitches of 900.
  • Fill in the hands using horizontal satin stitches of 437.

Step 4: Pants and Jacket

step by step embroidery tutorial
  • Split stitch along the tops of the legs, then fill in with horizontal satin stitches of 798.
  • Fill in the belt using horizontal satin stitches of 310.
  • Add two little vertical stitches for the belt buckle using 781.
  • Add short vertical stitches over top of the upper body using 781 for the little buttons.

Step 5: Boots, Face, and Hair

finishing the nutcracker embroidery design
  • Split stitch the sides of the boots and make horizontal satin stitches using 310.
  • For the bottom of the boot, make vertical satin stitches again using 310.
  • Fill in the hair using satin stitches of 3865. These stitches can be at a slight diagonal, similar to the way hair would lay.
  • Add 2 little dots for the eyes using 310 and two groups of diagonal satin stitches for the mustache using 3865.
  • Add a few turkey stitches for the beard and trim to the desired length.

Finishing The Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Once you are happy with your nutcracker embroidery, you’ll want to finish the back of the embroidery hoop and tie a little piece of ribbon or twine around the top clasp of the hoop. Then you’re ready to hang it on the tree. Happy Holidays!

DIY Nutcracker embroidery hoop ornament

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