Festive Hand Embroidered Christmas Tree Tutorial

The holidays are the perfect time to break out your craft supplies and make something fun and festive. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design and stitch a hand embroidered Christmas tree that you can use as an in the hoop ornament or wall decor. You don’t have to follow along exactly with this tutorial either! Grab whatever supplies you have on hand and get creative.

Christmas tree embroidery with ribbons, candles, and ornaments

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Embroidered Christmas Tree

embroidered Christmas tree supplies: hoop, fabric, thread, and scissors

Supplies Needed

how to draw the Christmas tree embroidery design

Designing The Tree

I like to start by drawing a very simple outline to follow in order to fill in the tree. Start by drawing a line and then draw some branches evenly spaced out in the shape of a triangle. You don’t need to fill in the outline entirely or add in any ornaments just yet. You just need enough of a design so that you have an idea of where the branches will be stitched.

Video Tutorial

YouTube video

Embroidering The Tree

how to embroider the tree

Start by split stitching along the trunk of the tree using 4 strands of floss.

Using yarn or floss, start at the top of the tree and make a few straight stitches for the shorter branches.

Then for the lower, longer branches, add rows of fly stitches along each branch.

how to decorate the tree with garland, candles, and ribbons

To add garland, use a single strand of embroidery floss and some seed beads. To make them look like they are draped across the branches, use a couching stitch to situate them to your liking.

Add some candles by making some vertical satin stitches on top of a few of the branches.

Add some ribbon or embroidery floss and tie it in a bow.

Add any other ornaments in any spaces you think need to be filled in.

stitching the tree topper and basket

Draw a tree topper onto the fabric to finish the tree. (I drew a 5 point star.)

You can embroider stars in a variety of ways, but for this particular one, I made straight stitches along the lines of the 5 point star and then added a few stitches in the center to fill it in.

I also added a basket to the bottom of the tree. Fill in with a basket weave stitch and then a chain stitch at the top.

Once you’re done, you can finish the back of the hoop and add a string if you want to hang it on the tree!

More Christmas Tree Patterns

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