Basket Weave Stitch + Basket Embroidery Tutorial

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The basket weave stitch, (also commonly called the weaving stitch, woven stitch, or basket stitch), is such a fun raised stitch to use for filling in areas or embroidering baskets. It may look a bit complicated, but it’s actually super easy to learn. This tutorial will show you how to do it and also show you a couple of ideas for how you can use this stitch.

The easiest way to learn this stitch is by filling in a rectangle or square shape, but once you learn the stitch you can also fill in other shapes too. For this example, I drew a small rectangle.

I used a sharp embroidery needle for the entire stitch tutorial, but you may find it easier to use a tapestry needle when you weave in and out of the stitches because it won’t snag the embroidery thread as much.

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Basket Weave Stitch

basket weave stitch tutorial step 1 - make vertical stitches

Make evenly space out, vertical stitches across the entire shape.

step 2

Come up through the fabric right beside one of the top corners.

step 3 - weaving needle through stitches

Weave your needle through the stitches going over, under, over, etc.

Pull the thread through and then go back down through the fabric with your needle and thread to secure the stitch.

Come up directly underneath of the last stitch and start weaving your needle through the stitches. This time, weave your needle through the stitches the opposite way (going under, over, under, etc.).

basket weave embroidery stitch

Work your way down the shape until you’ve filled it in, alternating each row of weaves.

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How To Embroider a Basket

basket and lazy daisy flower

Once you’ve stitched the square, you can add a basket handle using a satin stitch.

The red flower uses the lazy daisy stitch.

how to embroider a basket and flowers

Add a few little flowers using small, short straight stitches.

Add a couple french knots in the center of the flower and the surrounding area.

embroidered basket with flowers

Stem stitch a couple leaves.

Embroidery Patterns That Use This Stitch

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