Be Merry Holiday Embroidery Project

This project is a bit late this year to be posting on the blog, but it’s a fun one and only takes about an hour to make! The video will show you how to design and stitch your very own embroidery. For the lettering, I used Canva and then I hand drew and transferred my design over to fabric using a water-soluble marker. One thing to note here is that I don’t provide a stencil for this project, but the video tutorial shows the process of how I designed the embroidery to give you some inspiration!

Video Embroidery Tutorial

YouTube video

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 5 inch embroidery hoop
  • embroidery floss (I used DMC colors 310, 817, and 3345)
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • water soluble marker or pencil
  • piece of paper and a sharpie to draw your design

How to Embroider the Letters

First, back stitch the letters in 310. When you’re stitching along curves, I find it easiest to shorten your stitch length a little. This will make the stitches look more smooth.

how to embroider letters

Stitch the Pine Leaves

Make fly stitches with 3345 and fill in the rest of the stem with back stitches

embroidery fly stitch

Stitch the Berries

Make french knots in 817 to fill in the circles of the berries.

how to make a french knot

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