How to Create Embroidery Designs Using Procreate

How to Create Embroidery Designs Using Procreate

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I got an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil about a few years ago and it’s absolutely changed the game for me. If you’re an artist, this is definitely an investment, but it’s very useful. I like having an iPad because I can use the program procreate to create embroidery designs. It’s awesome because you have so many different tools at your disposal. Below is a video of how I created an embroidery stencil.

how to make embroidery designs in procreate

The first thing I did was import a reference photo onto the page. Then I used a a 6b pencil to sketch out the design. My favorite part about procreate is that you can create layers so you can reference your sketch without having to go back and erase it. I created another layer and traced over the sketch with a technical pen.  

Creating the Embroidery Design

creating an embroidery design in procreate

I also sometimes do color studies on the iPad as well which is very helpful and saves time from me stitching something and then having to take those stitches out because I don’t like the color scheme.  

The other cool thing about procreate is that you can create image “stacks” that you can export into PDF files. I use this a lot when I create embroidery PDF patterns.

Procreate is a huge program, and I’m only scratching the surface with what you can do with it. If you’d like to learn more about how to use it, this digital illustration class is very useful. If you’re not a Skillshare member and would like to try it out, just sign up through the link for a free trial. 

finished embroidery design

A Fast Track To Improve Your Embroidery Art

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Transferring Embroidery Designs from Procreate to Fabric

transferring embroidery design

Now the fun part is using the stencil you’ve created and tracing it over to your fabric or to an embroidery stabilizer, such as this water soluble solvy stabilizer!

You can do this one of two ways. You can trace directly on your Ipad or you can print out the design onto printer paper and trace it from there.

To save time and paper, I trace right on top of my iPad. Check out this tutorial about how to use guided access to lock your iPad screen so the touch is disabled while you transfer the pattern.

Place the stabilizer in the hoop, then transfer the pattern directly from the iPad with a marker that doesn’t bleed. I recommend a micron marker.

creating embroidery designs

After the design is transferred, take apart the hoop and sandwich the stencil on top of the fabric. Then you’re ready to go!

There are plenty of other ways to get your design onto fabric, including printing the design out onto embroidery stabilizer. I go deeper into this topic in this post about 6 different ways to transfer patterns.

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