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Easy Thrift Flip Ideas You Can Do In Under An Hour

Shopping second hand can be really fun. Not only can you find those diamonds in the rough, but with a little creativity you can make a piece even better than it was before. Here are some easy thrift flip ideas you can do to personalize your clothes.

thrift flip dress

Spruce up a dress

I bought this cute floral sundress at my local Goodwill, but I felt like it was kind of shapeless and way too long for my liking. I trimmed the bottom of the dress, hemmed it, and used the extra fabric to make sleeves! Luckily, I had a sleeve pattern on hand from another project that fit perfectly in the arm holes, but if you need to make them from scratch, this tutorial shows you how.

cut off jeans

Cut Off The Bottom of Jeans/Skirts

This takes about 30 seconds to do and it looks cute to leave denim edges raw! Make them into cropped pants or comfy summer shorts. Or save your money and make a cutoff denim skirt. If you don’t want the fabric to fray TOO much, you can sew a basic stitch with your sewing machine right about where you cut. That way the fray won’t creep above the line!

Take the Shoulder Pads Out

Shoulder pads are normally secured with only a few stitches, so don’t be discouraged if a cute shirt has them. You can easily take them out with a few snips!

hemming clothing

Hem the bottom of pants

Wide leg, cropped pants are in right now. I see wide leg, high waist pants at the thrift store constantly, and it takes under an hour to hem them to make them into your favorite pair of pants. (No one will even guess got them at the thrift store!)

vintage buttons on a handmade skirt

Sew on New Buttons

Make a piece of clothing even cuter with new buttons. Take off the old ones and replace them with ones that make more of a statement! OR add them to the front of a cute skirt. (No one will know or care if they’re actually functional, right?) These buttons are actually vintage and I used them to sew a new skirt!

hand embroidering on clothes

Hand Embroider On Your Clothes

I have a tutorial all about embroidering on clothes that you can check out! A simple design doesn’t take long at all to hand embroider, and it will turn any boring piece of clothing into something you’ll want to wear all the time.

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