How to Make Cold Brew – DIY Coffee Bag Tutorial

My favorite kind of coffee is cold brew, so a few years ago I figured out how to make cold brew at home so I could save some money. I found the best method of making cold brew was with fabric draw string coffee bags due to how minimal the cleanup is afterwards. You can just dump all the coffee out when you’re cold brew is done, and not have to worry about straining any of the grounds! This tutorial is by no means the only way to make this bag, but it is the way I’ve found most successful.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Muslin Fabric – no dyes and unbleached
  • String – preferably a kind that won’t fray or unravel as it will be getting wet.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Machine and thread
  • Iron to press your fabric
  • Loop Turner to thread your string through the drawstring.

Cut a piece of fabric 6.5 x 18 inches, or 6.5 x 9 inches on the fold. (The bottom of the bag will be the fold.)

With the fabric folded in half, cut 1/2 inch slits in the fabric 1.5 inches from the top. This will be the start of your draw string enclosure for the bag.

Unfold the fabric, and you now have 4 slits. On each end, fold inward and sew all four tabs you’ve made with your sewing machine. Make sure all four are facing the same side of the fabric.

Fold a 1/4 inch of the top piece of the fabric and press, then fold again to make your drawstring enclosure.

Sew the folded fabric together, about 1/4 from the bottom seam so that there is room for the draw string to be threaded through.

Sew the sides of the bags together and finish with a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.

Cut 20 inches of string and thread through both sides of the bag. Make a knot with both ends of the thread. Turn your bag right side out, and you’re done!

how to make cold brew

I recommend boiling your bag before you use it. This kills any germs that are on the fabric as well as breaks the fabric in a bit so it’s more porous when you use the bag.

*** You don’t want so wash it with detergent as this will leave a scent in the fabric and potentially harmful chemicals you don’t want to consume in your coffee!

Now, to make your cold brew, you’ll need to put ground coffee in the bag and some water, and let it steep in the refrigerator for 12-15 hours. Head on over to Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters post for ratios of water and coffee as well as choosing the right flavor profile! They make the perfect coffee for cold brew that you can order as well!

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diy cold brew bag tutorial

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