5 Free Sewing Patterns for Blouses That Are Super Stylish

I have been obsessed with sewing lately. It’s become my new creative outlet! I spent quite a bit of time hunting down some free sewing patterns that are actually quite stylish and ones that I can’t wait to make! While I love supporting other makers, it is nice to have a quick simple project that’s free from time to time! Here is a collection of some of my favorite free sewing patterns for blouses/tops that appear to be relatively easy without sacrificing style. I’m bookmarking/sharing with you here with the intention that I’d like to try them soon! Enjoy!

Morning Glory Top by Sarah Kirsten

Morning Glory Top

Love Sewing Tea Time Top

Tea Time Top

Peppermint Mag Ruffle Sleeve Top

Ruffle Sleeve Top

Rebecca Page Toronto Tee

Toronto Tee

Linen Raglan Tee

I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at all of these free sewing patterns!