How to Hand Embroider on Tulle Fabric

Embroidery on tulle is so beautiful! However, it can be sort of a challenge due to the nature of this type of fabric, so I’ve put together some tips on how to successfully hand embroider on tulle fabric!

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embroidery on tulle fabric

Supplies You’ll Need to Embroider On Tulle

Embroidery Stitches That Look Great on Tulle

Some embroidery stitches don’t work as well on tulle, due to the fact that it’s see through. These include stem stitch, chain stitch, running stitch, and lazy daisy stitch. These stitches look messier on the back when you’re working with fabric that is see through.

Embroidery stitches that I’ve found look great on tulle are: back stitch, french knots, satin stitches, and woven pinwheel roses. (I have linked the page each stitch is on if you’d like to give them a try!) Anything that is a filler stitch works better because you can hide the knots and stitches under an area that it filled in with embroidery stitches.

how to hand embroidery on tulle

Tips on Working with Tulle

Tulle fabric is really thin, stretchy, and somewhat fragile. So naturally, it’s kind of tough to embroider on, but the end result is oh so rewarding! When you’re working with it, make sure you don’t over stretch it in the hoop. You want the fabric to be taught, but no distorting the natural weave of the fabric.

  • When embroidering on tulle, you should make sure to be gentle and not pull your stitches too tight because again, you will distort or warp the fabric.
  • Some stitches are a little bit harder to do on tulle because the stitches on the back may show through. You’ll have to take some extra time to plan out which stitches you want to use for your embroidery piece. Stitches like back stitch and stem stitch can be a bit tricky because the back of the stitches will show through, especially on curves.
  • When securing your stitches, it’s better to tuck the tail of the thread underneath the stitches on the back. If you do tie knots to secure the stitches, try to tie them more towards the center of an area covered with stitches so your knots are visible in the front. While a few stragglers here and there aren’t the end of the world, I’ve found that using a little bit of hot glue on the ends of your knots can help to secure them to the back and hide any little ends of thread from peaking through to the front.
floral embroidery on tulle
  • An alternative to lazy daisy or detached chain stitch is to make two straight stitches in the shape of a lazy daisy stitch. I basically use the fabric as an anchor instead of making a stitch at the top to secure the loop of a detached chain stitch. (See photo above)

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