4 Free Skirt Sewing Patterns That You’ll Actually Wear

A lot of times, I’ll look online for free sewing patterns, and there really isn’t much there that’s free that looks very…stylish. A lot of times things are kind of outdated, and you really have to scour the internet to find patterns you like.

So, I’ve done the searching for you!

I’ve decided to do this series of blog posts so that you can try out some free patterns that you’ll actually wear and enjoy! Many of these patterns are from smaller companies that have many more patterns to choose from, so if you like one of these patterns, help support them and purchase one of their other patterns! 🙂

free skirt sewing patterns
Elbe Textiles Lawley Skirt

Elbe Textiles Lawley Skirt

I’m really digging Elbe Textiles blog and website. Not only do they have a good amount of free sewing patterns, they are also a part of the slow fashion movement and even have a couple patterns that are zero waste designs! That means no extra wasted fabric.

free skirt patterns for sewing
Ready to Sew’s Justine Skirt

Justine Skirt

You can download the free skirt pattern file directly from this website. I just love skirts with pockets, so this is one of my favorites!

free wrap skirt pattern
The Essentials Club Denim Wrap Skirt Pattern

Denim Wrap Skirt Pattern

I love this website in general, because there are a ton of different tutorials on sewing clothes. All of the instructions are very easy to follow and straight forward. This pattern only uses two pieces of fabric, and it’s definitely ideal for beginner sewers!

skirt pattern from jeans

Denim skirt from an old pair of jeans.

These types of skirts are very in right now, but you can easily make this skirt pattern from jeans! I like to try and recycle material and clothing as much as I can, and it is also nice to not have to entirely sew this skirt from scratch!

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