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12 Cottagecore Embroidery Patterns (Get Cozy And Stitch)

Cottagecore, a lifestyle trend and aesthetic that embraces simple living, nature, and basically life in the countryside has been popular for some time now and for good reason. This phenomenon evokes nostalgia and coziness and can be seen in a lot of embroidery art! From garden florals to forest creatures, to everything in between, these 9 cottagecore embroidery patterns will have you wanting to curl up with a cup of tea or pack a picnic and sit under a shady tree so you can get started stitching on one of them.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that are of good quality. All opinions are my own!

Field Mouse Thread Painting Embroidery Pattern

cottagecore flatlay featuring a mouse embroidery pattern

Forest creatures and flowers are the most fun to stitch. Grab a cup of tea, light a candle, and get comfy before you start stitching this cute cottagecore design featuring a mouse with some florals and leaves surrounding it. This design fits in a 5 inch embroidery hoop and will walk you through the basics of thread painting as well as step by step photos and instructions for how to create this adorable embroidery.

Available here at and Etsy

Baking Mouse Pattern

a mouse baking a pie wearing an apron, surrounded by raspberries

This whimsical design features an apron-wearing mouse that just baked a delicious pie in it’s burrow. The design fits in a 6 inch embroidery hoop and features lots of fun stitches and colors.

Available here at and Etsy

Laundry Day Rabbit Pattern

Embroidery of a rabbit hanging out laundry to dry

There is just something magical about mundane, simple tasks when an animal is doing them! haha This rabbit is hanging laundry up to dry with the help of some blue birds. Another great pattern that uses several interesting embroidery stitches as well as some thread painting techniques to complete it.

Available here at and Etsy

Laundry Day Rabbit Pattern

embroidered frog holding an umbrella, sitting on a mushroom

This little frog is perched on a mushroom, trying to stay dry from the rain. Woodland creatures and botanicals are the epitome of cottagecore aesthetic, so this pattern is a great one to stitch!

Available here at and Etsy

Woodland Rabbit + Blackberry Thread Painting Pattern

rabbit and blackberry thread painting pattern

This pattern is great for anyone who loves rabbits and is curious about learning how to embroider more realistic looking animals. The leaves and blackberries are super fun to stitch!

Available here at and Etsy

flatlay featuring a butterfly thread painting and embroidery thread

Inspired by all of the beautiful flowers I see when I take walks around my neighborhood and the butterflies that land in our garden, this pattern is suitable for all levels and is framed nicely in an oval embroidery hoop.

Available here at and Etsy

Mushroom Needlepainting Pattern by Emillie Ferris

mushroom needlepainting pattern by Emillie Ferris

This pattern makes me want to grab a wicker basket and go forage for mushrooms in the forest. The pattern looks amazing on both light or dark fabric depending on what mood you want to go for.

Available on Etsy

Chickadee Gardeners Pattern by Magnus And Quill

chickadee gardeners design by Magnus and Quill

Chickadees, bees, and a wheelbarrow of flowers is all you need for an instant mood booster. If you’re a gardener or bird watcher, this pattern will by just what you’re looking for.

Available on Etsy

Sleeping Fox Pattern by Moss And Feather Shop

sleeping fox embroidery pdf by Moss and Feather Shop

Sleeping foxes are one of the most peaceful looking things I’ve ever seen. This pattern makes a cute, tiny fox with some branches surrounding it that fits in a 3 inch embroidery hoop.

Available on Etsy

Mixed Berry Pie Embroidery Pattern by Virgo Threads

mixed berry pie embroidery pattern by Virgo Threads

The ultimate cottagecore embroidery pattern, this mixed berry pie design looks so real, you can almost smell it. Once you’ve finished stitching this design, it would make an adorable addition to a windowsill in your kitchen. You’ll probably want to bake a real pie after!

Available on Etsy

Stacked Teacup Embroidery Design

teacup embroidery pattern

Time for tea! This pattern is beginner friendly and would be great to make as a quick weekend project. Grab your needle and thread, put on a good audiobook or podcast, and enjoy stitching this stacked teacup design.

Available here at and Etsy

Strawberry Cottagecore Embroidery Pattern

cottagecore strawberry embroidery pattern

Who doesn’t love strawberries? These berries will always be in season once you stitch this fun cottagecore inspired embroidery design that is suitable for all levels.

Available here at and Etsy

cottagecore embroidery patterns