9 Super Helpful Cross Stitch Accessories For Every Stitcher

You don’t need very much to cross stitch, but there are plenty of handy tools and accessories out there that will make your stitching process easier and even more fun! I’m all about making things easier and more efficient, and all of these accessories do just that. Enjoy!

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embroidery organization printable system
Embroidery Organization System by Tidy Stitch

Embroidery Organization System

Organizing your embroidery floss makes stitching so much easier. This digital download by Tidy Stitch groups together color families so you can easily sort your threads. DMC embroidery floss is not always in numerical order, so it can be hard to remember which colors go together if you’ve taken a bunch of thread out for a project. Print them, cut them out, and stick them in each slot to keep things organized!

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teacup needle minder cross stitch accessory
Teacup needle minder by Grandma Girl Designs

Teacup Needle Minder

Do you ever have trouble keeping track of your needles? Purchasing a needle minder is sure to keep you from dropping or losing needles, and they come in all sort of fun designs. This teacup sold by Grandma Girl Designs is one of the cutest!

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cat cross stitch counting pins
Cat counting pins by Decorative Sewing Pins

Cat Counting Pin

These needlework counting pins by Decorative Sewing Pins allow you to keep track of where you left on in your work or for counting a long line of cross stitches. No more getting lost and forgetting where you need to stitch. Simply place them in the fabric and they will mark your spot!

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gold thread snips
Gold thread snips by Erin Frisch Studio

Gold Thread Snips

Sharp quick, and efficient, these thread snips are perfect for cutting floss as you work. And they’re very pleasing to the eye!

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fabric huggers
Fabric huggers by Keepsake Stitchery

Fabric Huggers

Have you ever been working on a larger project and the excess fabric gets in the way? These fabric huggers are the perfect solution to keep the fabric tucked away so you can focus on stitching and not on resituating repeatedly!

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mushroom shaped needle threader and needle minder
Mushroom threader and needle minder set by Thread Thread Wine

Mushroom Needle Threader

If you struggle with threading your needle, you need a needle threader! These mushroom threaders are adorable. They come in two different sizes and also include a mushroom needle minder.

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cross stitch grime guard made of floral fabric
Grime guard by Keepsake Stitchery

Cross Stitch Grime Guard

This fabric grime guard keeps your fabric out of the way and also keeps it clean while you’re stitching. There are different sizes and fabrics to choose from!

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cross stitch journal pdf
Cross Stitch Journal by Stitched Modern

Cross Stitch Journal

This digital download will help keep you organized. Track progress on projects, fabric stashes, keep track of a shopping list, and more with this printable planner.

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cross stitch tools and supplies tray
Tools and supplies tray by Three Inches Hand Embroidery

Cross Stitch Tools and Supplies Tray

Keep your needles, thread, and scissors you’re working with for your current project organized with this wood tool tray. It fits up to 20 thread bobbins and even comes with an option to personalize the tray!

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9 cross stitch accessories that are super helpful

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