How To Do A Cross Stitch Loop Start

Have you ever gotten started on a cross stitch project and the first stitch you make slips through or the back is looking a little messy? So frustrating!

There is a super easy way to avoid this, and that’s by starting your stitches with a cross stitch loop start.

This loop method will not only prevent your thread from slipping while you are stitching, but it also makes the back of your work look way neater. No more starting with a knot or having to weave your needle in between the stitches!

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Here’s a quick step by step on how to do it.

Cross Stitch Loop Start

Threading The Needle

Threading the needle for a cross stitch loop start
  • The first thing you’ll need to do it cut a long strand of embroidery floss. Cut it to be double the length you would usually use. This strand needs to be long because you will be folding the strand in half.
  • Separate one strand of floss and fold it in half.
  • Thread your needle using the end of the thread that has both ends. (NOT the looped end)
how to start a cross stitch using the loop method

Starting Cross Stitch Using The Loop Method

  • Bring your needle and thread up through the fabric. Secure the thread with your finger on the back.
  • Make one stitch and flip the fabric over.
  • On the back, you should have the looped end. Place your needle and thread through the loop and pull it through.
  • The tail of the thread is now secure and you can continue stitching!

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