5 Cross Stitch Techniques Every Stitcher Should Learn

Here are 5 cross stitch techniques that every stitcher should learn. Whether you’re brand new or have a little bit of experience, these techniques are beneficial to know for a few different reasons. First, they will open up even more opportunities for what you are capable of cross stitching, and second they will improve the quality of your work!

cross stitch techniques

If you’re completely new to cross stitch, check out this Beginner’s Guide and this supply list first. It will go over the basic supplies you’ll need, stitches you should learn, and more!

Cross Stitch Techniques

Fractional Stitches

The most basic patterns will only use cross stitches, but more advanced patterns will have a variety of embroidery stitches as well as fractional stitches in them. This allows for more detail to be added to a design and they aren’t hard to learn! Check out this in depth look at learning and remembering the different types of fractional stitches in cross stitching.

Calculating How Much Fabric You Need

Since cross stitch is a form of counted needlework, it is super important that you understand the different counts of fabric and how to calculate the size of the fabric you will need. Neglecting to do this will potentially ruin your project because you could end up running out of room!

There are cross stitch calculators out there, which are very handy. However, I think it’s important to understand how to calculate how much fabric you’ll need without one too! (I promise it’s not that hard.)

Check out this post that shows you how to calculate how much fabric will fit the pattern you want to stitch. This will also show you how to take into account the margins you will need to finish the cross stitch as well.

How To Read a Pattern

Reading cross stitch patterns is essential to cross stitching. As I mentioned above, cross stitch is a form of counted needlework, so a pattern is pretty much essential for your cross stitch to turn out the way you want it to. Even if you don’t end up purchasing a pattern, you’ll most likely need to plan out a design yourself. This will require that you understand the way a pattern is laid out.

Check out this post I made all about reading cross stitch patterns to learn more.

Making Your Own Pattern

It is so creatively fulfilling to make your own pattern. Sometimes there just isn’t the exact pattern you’re looking for… which means you’re ready to make your own pattern! There are a couple of different ways you can go about this. You can upload a photo, which will help to generate a pattern, or you can completely design one from scratch.

Check out this post all about how to make your own cross stitch pattern if you’re up for the challenge.

Stitching Neatly

This isn’t necessarily one “technique” but rather a bunch of different ones. Once you’re familiar with the very basics of how to cross stitch, you’ll naturally want to improve level up your work! There are some common things that every one of us does when we are first starting out with cross stitch.

Check out this post with quick and helpful tips to cross stitch more neatly that will instantly improve the way your cross stitch projects look.

I hope these 5 cross stitch techniques and tutorials challenge you to become an even better stitcher. Happy Stitching!

5 cross stitch techniques every stitcher should know.

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