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What To Buy For Cross Stitching

Cross stitch is a very affordable and fun hobby. You don’t need much to get started. In fact, you can purchase everything you’ll need for under $100, maybe even cheaper! Below are some recommendations for what to buy for cross stitching.

what to buy for cross stitching

If you’ve never stitched before, check out this beginner tutorial for cross stitch. It goes over everything you need to know to get started, including an in depth look into choosing fabric, basic stitches, reading a pattern, and starting a project.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that are of good quality. All opinions are my own!


Aida fabric is the best for beginners because the weave of the fabric is a bit larger and easier to follow. It comes in different counts, which I go over more in depth in this beginners guide. One of the most common sizes is 14 count.


You’ll want to have both embroidery and tapestry needles on hand depending on the stitches you’re doing.


Cross stitch traditionally uses 2 strands of thread, and this kind of thread is easily divisible so 6 strand cotton embroidery floss is one of the most common types to use. I prefer to use DMC because they have a large variety of colors and the thread is colorfast, which means that it won’t bleed onto the fabric or fade over time.

Embroidery Hoops

This is optional, but if you’re working with a more pliable fabric, a hoop is recommended! You’ll want to choose a hoop size based on whatever size the project is that you are working on.


A pair of sharp embroidery scissors is a must to cut your thread.


Patterns are great to use, especially when you’re first getting started. You can check out some of my favorites that are available on Etsy here.

Good To Have

A tin or pin cushion to store your needles

Thread bobbins and a box to store your thread