16 Flower Embroidery Patterns [4 That Are Free!]

Everyone loves flower embroidery patterns, right? I mean, how you could not? They translate really well to embroidery, and there’s so many different kinds that it seems no one will ever get bored stitching them.

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Flower Embroidery Patterns

I did some searching around on the internet to find some of the best ones out there, some of which are free! I may be fangirling a bit in a few of these, but I’m sharing a few from some of my favorite embroidery artists and their work deserves some love!

All of these patterns are available online to download and print. I have also decided to share a few designed by me that are available here on the website.

flower bouquet embroidery

Crewel Ghoul – Floral Bouquet Pattern

This is one of several flower patterns designed by me that are available in the shop. They are all great for beginners wanting to learn some basic stitches to create a pretty modern embroidery. There are even more below.

Florals and Floss – Summer Wildflowers – available on Etsy

I’ve shared Florals and Floss patterns in the past, but I can’t help myself because all of their patterns are so beautiful and have such a smooth look to them. There are plenty more patterns similar to this one, so definitely check out their Etsy shop!

Sam Eldredge Art – Magnolia – available on Etsy

If you’re looking to challenge yourself with this pattern and learn how to thread paint, look no further. This magnolia pattern is stunning!

Tamar Nahir Yanai – Forget Me Knot Embroidery Pattern – available on Etsy

This pattern is bursting with color. It’s another pattern that uses thread painting that is suitable for beginners to stitch.

Emillie Ferris – Sweet Bee and Floral Wreath – available on Etsy

I am a long time fan of everything Emillie does. She is well known for her thread-painted patterns and pet portraits, which is no surprise because she is amazing at what she does! This embroidery may look pretty complicated but her patterns have many glowing reviews about how fun and easy they are to follow.

Maggie Jo’s Studio – Daisies and Bees Embroidery – available on Etsy

Maggie is another embroidery artist who I follow on Instagram because of how distinct and beautiful her embroidery style is. There are so many cool patterns available in the shop, but this is by far one of my favorites!

Free Patterns

flower embroidery patterns - embroidered daisies

Crewel Ghoul – Embroidered Daisies

This pattern is one of mine available here at Crewel Ghoul. It uses a handful of simple stitches to make some cute embroidered daisies.

Dmc – Spring Garden

DMC actually has a ton of free patterns to choose from, and this is just one of many flower embroidery patterns they have. They feature lots of independent artists’ work; this particular pattern was designed by Jess Pheonix.

Wandering Threads – Spring Flowers Embroidery Pattern

This beautiful pattern uses a large assortment of embroidery stitches, so it makes for a great sampler if you’re looking to learn a couple of new ones. I love that some of the flowers use Peking knots! That’s not a stitch you see very often.

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