How To Make The Back Of Embroidery Look Nice

If you sell your embroidery creations or you just like to make the back of the hoop look as good as the front, this post will go over several different tips and methods you can use.

For the most part the back of the hoop won’t be seen too often once it’s hung up or put on display, but making the back of an embroidery look nice will truly make a difference in a customers eyes. It will appear more professional and presentable; who doesn’t want that!

The first few embroideries I sold had a messy, uncovered back, and unfortunately someone commented on it. (ahhh!) It was an oversight and learning lesson on my part, so I figured out what worked best for me to cover the stitches. Everyone has a different perspective, but the general consensus I have found is that there are a good amount of people who want the back to look neat and tidy.

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Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

How To Keep The Back Of Embroidery Neat

You can either leave the back of your embroidery hoop uncovered with the stitches exposed or you can cover it with some sort of material to add a nice finishing touch. Here are several different options for keeping the back of your embroidery neat.

Keeping The Stitches On The Back Neat

There may be several different reasons why you may want to keep the stitches on the backside of your embroidery neat. Maybe you want to leave the back uncovered or you could be working on a piece of thin fabric that some of the tails and trails of thread may show through to the front. Whatever the reason, you can create an embroidery with a relatively neat back and leave it uncovered. Here is how you can keep the stitches tidy so it’s not an unsightly mess when you’re done!

starting an embroidery stitch

Starting And Ending Stitches Neatly

  • Instead of using knots to start and end stitches, consider making an away knot or a running stitch start.
  • Once you are done using a strand of thread, don’t leave it hanging on the back for it to potentially get tangled into your stitches. If you plan to go back to using it, pull it through to the front to temporarily tack it in place and keep it out of the way while you are working with another strand. Once you are completely done with it, tuck the tail of thread under existing stitches and trim the excess thread.
  • Don’t carry a strand of thread along the back of the embroidery. If you need to work in a different area, end the thread you are working with and start with a new piece.

Even if you do plan on covering the back of your stitches, these tips can be really helpful and make your life a whole lot easier. Excessive tangles and knots can really get in the way when you are stitching sometimes, so these are all good practices to consider!

Keeping the Fabric On The Back Tidy

If you plan to leave the back exposed, you’ll still want to secure the excess fabric to the back of the hoop. You can do this by securing it with glue to the inner ring on the back or by making a running stitch along the extra fabric and pulling it tight.

One thing to keep in mind if you are going to sew it is that you may want to trim the edge with pinking shears or make a blanket stitch along the edge to prevent it from fraying.

Embroidery Hoop Backing Ideas

If you plan to cover the back of your embroidery, you may not be super concerned with keeping the stitches on the back as neat. I personally like to cover the back of my embroideries with fabric, so I don’t shy away from using knots on the back of my work.

There are many options and materials that work great for covering the back of a hoop. Some popular ones to use are felt, wood, paper, and fabric.

fabric on the back of embroidery hoop

Covering With Fabric or Felt

A quick and easy way to cover the back is with felt or with fabric and glue. You can sew or hot glue it to secure it. Sometimes adding a neat patterned fabric to the back is a nice touch!

Adding Embellishments

While felt or fabric alone looks great, you may be wanting to add a personalization to the back. You could embroider a name or saying onto the felt or fabric before you back the hoop with it. Another option is ordering personalized tags that you can secure onto it.

Wooden Backing

Wood backing is another great option to cover the back of an embroidery hoop. There are many products to choose from on Etsy. Some even allow you to have your name custom engraved.

Paper Backing

The most budget friendly way to back an embroidery would be with paper. Simply trace your embroidery hoop and cut out the size and shape you need. A heavier weight card stock or cardboard would be the most ideal paper to use. You can secure it with hot glue or sew it. Then you can sign or stamp your business or brand onto the back.

Conclusion: There Is No Right Or Wrong Way

I hope these ideas help you find a method that works for you! At the end of the day, what you decide to do to the back of your embroidery art is your preference! There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it and you should choose a way what works for you and how you want your art to look. Happy stitching!

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how to make the back of embroidery look nice

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