How to Back an Embroidery Hoop With Fabric And Glue

You’ve put in a ton of work stitching an embroidery project, so it only makes sense to want the back to look just as good as the front! I’ll be sharing one of my favorite ways I like to back embroidery hoops: with fabric and glue!

Finishing the back of an embroidery will help keep the fabric tight in the hoop and it will give the back of your embroidery a neat and clean finish. If you plan on gifting or selling your designs, it really levels up your work. It also allows you to add a bit of personality to the back too: I love using fun designs and colors of quilting fabric.

This post is one of many posts about how to embroider.

flatly of 2 embroideries with text that says how to back an embroidery hoop with fabric

Backing An Embroidery Hoop With Fabric And Glue

Supplies You’ll Need

  • a piece of decorative fabric
  • fabric scissors
  • pinking shears (optional, these help prevent the fabric from fraying)
  • hot glue gun

A Few Tips Before You Get Started

  • This method is permanent; you won’t be able to take the fabric out of the hoop once you’ve secured it. If you want to be able to take the embroidery out of the hoop, I recommend securing the fabric with a running stitch instead of the glue. The video in this post will show you how.
  • Wash or remove any markings on the fabric before you finish your hoop.
  • Double check that you have secured any loose thread ends.
  • Test out any fabric you plan to use by laying it behind the embroidery. Make sure that the color and/or design doesn’t show through to the front.
  • And if you notice knots or stray threads showing through to the front of your work, try using a darker piece of fabric. It usually helps hide them! (Check out this post for tips to keep the back neat for next time)
YouTube video
step 1 - cutting the backing fabric
  1. While your hot glue gun is heating up, cut a piece of decorative fabric slightly larger than the embroidery hoop you plan on using.
step 2 - sandwiching the embroidery and backing fabric together

2. Iron your embroidery and place it on top of the backing fabric with wrong sides together.

step 3 - placing the fabric in the hoop

3. Place both layers of fabric back in the hoop. Tighten the hoop. Make sure your embroidery is centered and both layers of the fabric are smooth and tight. Once you glue it, there’s no going back!

step 4 - trimming the backing fabric

4. Flip the embroidery over and trim the backing fabric down to the inner ring.

step 5 - cutting the embroidery fabric

5. Next, grab your pinking shears if you have them. Cut the embroidery fabric, leaving about 3/4 of an inch extra fabric around the hoop.

step 6 - securing the fabric with hot glue

6. Place an inch or two of hot glue along the inside of the inner ring and carefully press the excess fabric onto the ring. You may want to use the end of a pen or pencil so you don’t burn yourself. Work your way around until all of the fabric is secured.

a finished embroidery hoop with decorative bee fabric on the back

And that’s it! Pretty quick and simple.

This is just one way of many ways to finish your embroidery. You can also use felt or paper or finish it without a hoop.

P.S. The two patterns pictured in this post are available to stitch!

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