The Best Hand Embroidery Classes Online in 2023

Learn some new skills and techniques from the comfort of your own home…this post contains a collection of some of the best hand embroidery classes online right now! These classes cover so many different skills and techniques that will level up your knowledge and also allow you to create some cool projects along the way. These classes that I’ll be going over are for all levels of embroiderers, from beginner to more advanced taught by some seriously skilled stitchers.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you decide to sign up or purchase a class. I only recommend classes that I have tried and love!

This post is a part of a series of posts about how to embroider for beginners.

8 Hand Embroidery Classes Online Right Now That Are Worth Checking Out

Beginner Embroidery Classes

Modern Embroidery: Beginner to Pro

Ginny Nunez has such a fun and fresh beginner embroidery class that will teach you more than 20 stitches. The project in this class is a sampler pattern. This class is available on Skillshare. You can take the class through the button below, and if you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! You can sign up for a free trial through the link.

Marbled Embroidery by Lauren From Lark Rising Embroidery

Lauren’s embroidery is so beautiful with such attention to detail. In this class, she teaches you how to make one of her popular designs, a colorful marbled embroidery.

Daily Embroidery Challenge: Stitch a Day Sampler by Rebecca Ringquist

There’s no better way to learn some new stitches than to make a cool stitch sampler! This online embroidery class teaches you 31 stitches, one for every day of the month.

Intermediate Embroidery

Stitching With Confidence by Crewel Ghoul

My signature embroidery class that is offered for those of you that have some experience but are ready to level up your embroidery! This is a comprehensive, self paced online course that will walk you through design and color concepts, essential concepts for improving your embroidery skills, and will walk you through the entire process of planning, designing, and stitching embroidery art. If you’re ready to become more confident and start to see improvement in your art, you can click the button below to learn more!

Thread Painting

Painting With Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners by Danielle Clough

screenshot of an embroidery made by Danielle Clough in her class Painting with Thread
screenshot of painting with thread class by Danielle Clough

This class is a MUST. I’ve been a fan of Danielle’s work for years, and I really enjoyed learning more about how to incorporate more color into my embroidery. She is definitely not afraid of color with her vivid portraits, and she uses it so beautifully! Her class was full of tips and tricks on how to get started, how to use a reference photo, and tips on how to blend and use color. If you’d like to take her class and sign up for a free trial on Skillshare, click here.

Realistic Embroidery Techniques by Emillie Ferris

Emillie Ferris is well known in the embroidery community for her whimsical, realistic embroidery art. A lot of her patterns and embroidery pieces are of animals and nature, and in this online class she’ll teach you how to embroider a realistic butterfly using the technique of thread painting!

Mixed Media + Embroidery Techniques

Embroidery on Photographs by Peggy Dean

embroidery on photographs class by peggy dean
Screenshot of Embroidery on Photographs class by Peggy Dean

Peggy Dean does not disappoint with this super creative class on a medium that is not very often used in embroidery, photographs!! I’ve taken several of her other classes and they’re all amazing. She walks you through how to source your photographs, set up your photograph to be embroidered, and some stitches you can use with specific examples of her making these embroidered photographs. I’ve always wondered how to do this! This is a really fun and creatively fulfilling class!

The Art of Embroidery: Adding Dimension and Texture To Your Work by Crewel Ghoul

Learn how to add more texture and dimension into your work with a variety of different embroidery stitches! This class is beginner friendly and it’s taught by me.

Mixed Media Landscape by Crewel Ghoul

free online embroidery class

This next class is free and it’s offered by me! Learn how to combine watercolor and embroidery to create this colorful mountain sunset.

I hope you find some value in these embroidery classes and learn something new! Happy Stitching.

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