How To Back An Embroidery Hoop With Paper

This post will show you an eco-friendly and customizable way to back an embroidery hoop using paper! There are many ways to back embroidery hoops, but this one in particular is nice to use for adding some sort of customization, such as a stamp or logo to the back.

paper backing supplies

Supplies Needed

  • Heavy Card Stock
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Finished Embroidery
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Hot Glue

If you are using a lighter fabric, I recommend using a lighter color card stock, because darker colors can sometimes show through to the front.

P.S. In this example, I backed the Market Flowers embroidery pattern which is available in my shop as a downloadable PDF!

Paper Backing Tutorial

step 1 - traced circle onto paper
  1. Trace the inside of the inner ring onto the piece of card stock. Cut out the circle and set aside.
step 2 - hoop embroidery

2. Place the embroidery in the hoop.

step 3 - trim embroidery

3. Trim the excess fabric around the embroidery hoop. Leave about a 1/2 inch margin of extra fabric around the hoop.

step 4 - secure with hot glue

4. Secure the fabric to the back of the inner ring with hot glue.

step 5 prepare paper for embroidery

5. Add a stamp, drawing, or simple embroidery design on the backing paper. To stitch on paper, use a pencil to draw a simple image. Then pierce holes evenly spaced out along the outline. (If you need more pointers, check out this tutorial)

step 6 - embroidering a heart on paper

6. Stitch along the holes. I used the back stitch for this particular heart design.

step 7 - finished heart on paper

7. Secure the stitches on the back and trim any threads.

step 8 - placing the paper on the back of the hoop

8. Place the circle of paper into the back of the hoop. It should fit snugly in the hoop. If it is bending a lot along the sides it may be too large. Trim the circle down, then place it back in the hoop.

And that’s it! You shouldn’t need to secure the paper with anything else; the paper should fit snugly inside the inner ring on it’s own. The main reason I don’t recommend adding any glue or anything is because this can show through to the front and ruin the embroidery.

embroidery hoops backed with paper. One has a stamp of a thread bobbin and the other has an embroidered heart.

If you found this post helpful, you may enjoy learning how to back an embroidery with felt and with decorative fabric.

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