How To Do The Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

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The Hungarian braided chain stitch is a stitch that is in the same family as the chain stitch. It creates a thicker line of stitches similar to the heavy chain stitch and has a more intricate appearance.

This stitch is great for borders and outlines!

Hungarian braided chain stitch
  1. Start by making a short straight stitch
  2. Skip some space and come up through the fabric at B. Then place your needle under the stitch you made at C.
  3. Come back down through the same hole at D. Leave the thread loose as pictured.
  4. Skip some space again, coming up at E then placing your needle through the stitch at F.
  5. Pull the thread gently at E to tighten the loops from the previous step. If you need to you can do this before removing the needle so the stitches don’t pull too tight.
  6. Repeat desired length

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