How To Do The Buttonhole Scallop Stitch

The buttonhole scallop stitch is a variation of the buttonhole stitch. The ends of the stitch are secured to the fabric but the rest of the stitch sits on top of the fabric. Additionally, this stitch looks very similar to the cast on stitch.

Buttonhole scallops are great for adding dimension to any embroidery and they’re also great to add to edges or borders.

buttonhole scallop stitches

Buttonhole Scallop Stitch

how to do the buttonhole scallop stitch
  • Make a straight stitch, leaving the thread somewhat slack so it forms a loop.
  • Place your needle and thread directly beside the beginning of the stitch and pull the thread through.
  • Place your needle down through the loop and over top of the working thread. Gently pull the thread so it forms a loop over top of the loop of thread.
  • Continue making loops along the strand of thread until it is entirely filled in.


buttonhole scallop stitches
  • If you have trouble with the loop of thread moving around as you work this stitch you can use an extra needle to temporarily secure it in place.
  • Focus on making your stitches secure but not too tight or loose.

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