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Fun With Hand Embroidered Borders

If you’re looking for some unique and different hand embroidered borders, this post will show you several different stitches and combinations you can use to create something super fun looking!

I’ve done a post before that went over 8 different embroidery stitches that are great for borders, so check that out if you’re wanting even more ideas, but the goal of this post is to show you how you can use 2 different embroidery stitches and get a little creative to combine them to create your own design.

The combinations are endless, so I’m sharing 7 different combos today. Feel free to use them in your next project or come up with your own! (P.S. I’ve linked individual tutorials for each stitch if there is one you aren’t familiar with.)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase an item.

Supplies Needed

In this tutorial I used this beautiful hand dyed crewel wool from Stuart Moore’s Textiles along with a linen blend fabric and a crewel needle. I like the texture wool creates. It’s slightly thicker than 6-strand cotton floss so it pops off the fabric a little more.

You can use whatever kind of embroidery floss you’d like. Wool, stranded cotton, and pearl cotton are all great choices. Linked below are some of my favorite supplies.

  • Embroidery hoop – Etsy
  • Embroidery needles – Amazon
  • Tapestry Needle – Amazon
  • Embroidery floss or yarn – Amazon
  • Linen or cotton fabric – Etsy
  • Embroidery scissors – Etsy
  • Embroidery marker or pen – Etsy

Some of these stitches involve weaving in and out of other stitches, which is why I added a tapestry needle to the list. This isn’t required, but using a blunt needle will help you avoid snagging the stitches as you go along.

Hand Embroidered Borders

Each of the stitches is worked along a straight line so I marked the fabric using a white embroidery pen and a ruler so I had some guidelines to follow.

Knotted Pearl and Pekinese Variation

Knotted Pearl Stitch and Pekinese Variation

Stitch a line of knotted pearl stitches.

Then, similar to working a Pekinese stitch, use a contrasting thread and loop the thread around each knotted pearl stitch.

Heavy Chain Stitch With Buttonhole Scallops

Heavy Chain Stitch With Buttonhole Scallops

Stitch the heavy chain stitch along a marked line.

Create buttonhole scallops along the sides of the heavy chain stitch, alternating sides.

Interlaced Chain Stitch

Interlaced chain stitch

Make a line of chain stitches.

Using a contrasting color, interlace the stitch.

Coral Stitch And Whipped Stitch

Whipped coral stitch

Work a line of coral stitches.

Using a contrasting color, start at one end of the line of stitches and whip stitch under and around each stitch. (There is no need to actually go down through the fabric with this stitch.)

Fly Stitch And Blanket Stitch Border

Create a line of fly stitches side by side one another.

Directly below the row of fly stitches, create a row of long and short blanket stitches.

Interlaced Lazy Daisy

interlaced lazy daisy embroidered border

Create lazy daisy stitches, fanning out along a line. I started the first one parallel to the marked line and then evenly spaced them out in the shape of a half circle so it looks similar to half of a flower.

With a contrasting color, whip stitch under and over the stitches that run parallel to the marked line, alternating the direction through each group of lazy daisy stitches as pictured.

Twisted Chain Stitch and Bullion Loops

twisted chain stitch and bullion loop border

Create a line of twisted chain stitches. I made these stitches so the ends of the stitches are slightly exposed.

Along one or both sides of each stitch, create bullion loops.

I hope this gave you some ideas for hand embroidered borders! These are so fun to figure out and stitch. I’d like to try and create even more combinations soon!

creative ideas for hand embroidered borders

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