The Best Punch Needle Tools

There are a few different styles and brands of punch needle tools available online. Even though they all essentially do the same thing, each one varies slightly in quality, comfort, and use! This post will go over the three most common brands of punch needles in detail so that you can decide which one is the best punch needle tool for your next project.

This post is part of several all about punch needle embroidery. If you want to learn some of the basics, check out this beginners tutorial.

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Choosing What Punch Needle To Buy

Before we get into the different types of tools and brands, here’s a quick overview of how the sizing generally works.

Tool Sizes

Each of these tools comes in a variety of needle heights and widths.

The needle width will determine the weight of the yarn, embroidery floss, or fiber you are able to use with it.

The needle height determines how tall the loops (or pile) will be.

Finding The Right Needle Width For Different Fiber Sizes

You’ll want to choose a tool that offers the size that will work best with the type and weight of the fiber you want to use.

  • For chunkier, fluffy looking projects, you’ll want to use heavier weight yarn and a tool that has a wider needle.
  • For pillows and rugs, you’ll want to use a fiber that is more durable and heavy duty. This might mean using a heavier weight yarn, which would also require a wider needle.
  • For finer work, use finer yarns and embroidery floss with a smaller needle.

I made sure to include what fiber weights are compatible with each tool below.

Types of Punch Needle Tools

Oxford Punch Needles

best punch needle tools - Oxford Punch Needle

Oxford punch needles are one of the best punch needle tools out there. Designed by Amy Oxford, these tools are comfortable to use and beautifully crafted. The handle is made of maple wood and is designed in a way that makes it super comfortable to use. Unlike other punch needles that require a wire to thread the yarn through, the handle has a slit to one side, making threading super easy!

These tools come in a variety of sizes that are compatible with finer needlepoint yarns, medium-weight yarns, and heavy rug yarns.

If you’re looking to make something like rugs or pillows, this is the perfect tool. The regular weight needles make the punch needle embroidery look very fluffy and chunky.

Needle Sizes

Oxford punch tools come in two different needle widths: regular and fine.

Regular needles can be used with quarter-inch fabric strips, chunky knitting yarn, or heavy rug yarn.

Fine needles can be used with narrower strips of fabric as well as medium/baby weight yarns.

The tools also come in a variety of needle heights ranging from #8 – #14. These needle heights will result in the loops being between 1/8″ and 1/2″ tall respectively. (You can read more in-depth about needle sizing on Amy Oxford’s website.)


  • Polished handle made of maple wood
  • Easy to hold and work with, very ergonomic handle
  • Variable loop heights depending on what needle height you purchase
  • Available in 2 needle widths – regular and fine
  • Easy threading – No wire needed
  • Great to use for making rugs and pillows.



These tools are a bit on the pricier side. Each individual tool averages a little over $30, so things can add up fast since you’ll have to buy one for each needle size and needle height.


The quality of these tools is superb. They’re meant to last a lifetime. In fact, they have a lifetime money-back guarantee!

Overall, I would say the quality is the best out of the other two punch needles I’ll be sharing in this post.

Comfort and Use

The handle is thicker and ergonomically shaped to make gripping the needle easy. It is super comfortable to work with!

Disadvantages and Downsides

Although there aren’t really any negative comments I have about this punch needle, there is one downside. You will need to purchase each size needle separately as the tools are not adjustable. These tools are a bit pricier. However, they will be a one-time investment since they’re made to last a lifetime!

Where To Purchase

Available on Etsy and

Lavor Punch Needle

lavor punch needle tool

The Lavor punch needle is the next type of punch needle you’ll commonly find online. It comes in three different styles: small, a fine adjustable needle, and a regular adjustable needle. They are made of steel and recycled plastic.

In order to thread each tool, you’ll have to thread the yarn using a metal wire.

Needle Sizes

The nice thing about this type of tool is that the small tool comes in 3 different needle sizes. This makes this tool way more versatile when it comes to the yarn and embroidery thread you’re able to use.

The smaller punch needle tool has needle tips that are 1.5mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. It can handle anywhere in between embroidery floss and 3mm yarn.

The largest size tool is suitable for medium-weight yarn.

Each tool is adjustable in height, adding more variety to the loop heights it is able to create. The smallest tool has a wheel at the base of the needle that adjusts, while the other 2 tools have 7 different slots that you can adjust the height with.


  • Recycled plastic handle
  • Comes in 3 different sizes with adjustable/detachable needles
  • Largest size is suitable for medium weight yarn
  • Smallest size can be used with embroidery floss
  • Not able to handle heavy weight/rug yarn
  • Needle heights are adjustable
  • Requires a metal wire to thread



The price point on these is a bit more affordable than the Oxford punch needles. Buying all 3 tools together averages around $50. Individual tools average around $15-$20 each.


These needles are not as nice as oxford punch needles, but they are more middle of the road in terms of quality. They are made of plastic, however, they do look very similar to wood!

Comfort and Use

The small tool has a rather short and narrow handle, so it may be a bit more difficult for someone with larger hands to work with.

The fine and regular adjustable needles have a chunkier handle that looks very similar in shape to the Oxford punch needles handle.

Disadvantages and Downsides

The handles are shorter on these, which may not be ideal for everyone. The tools are made of plastic and they may not last as long as one that is made of wood.

The tool requires a wire to thread the yarn through, which may be annoying or something that you may easily lose.

Where To Purchase

Available on Etsy

Rico Design Tools

The Rico design tool is one of the most common punch needle tools you’ll find in most craft stores. This tool is made of plastic and metal. Needles are detachable and come in several different widths. There is an adjustment setting on the side of the tool to control the needle height.

This tool is meant to be used with thinner fibers, like embroidery floss and fine yarns. If you’re looking to do projects such as rugs or pillows, this tool wouldn’t be the best choice.

Needle Sizes

Needles come in 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 2.2mm.

In comparison with the other two kinds of tools, this one has the smallest needles. It’s ideal to use to make finer work with embroidery floss.


  • Made of cheap plastic
  • Available at most craft stores
  • Use with embroidery floss and finer weight yarn
  • Ideal for finer work
  • Requires threading with a wire
  • Adjustable needle height
  • 3 different detachable needles



This tool is sold for around $19, which is comparable in price to purchasing one Lavor tool.


This is by far the lowest quality tool; it’s made of cheaper materials.

It would make for a fine starter tool if you are just trying out punch needle and don’t want to invest in some of the pricier options. However, the small Lavor tool seems to be a bit better in quality and is similar in price.

Comfort and Use

The handle is relatively thick and is shaped in a way that helps with grip.

Disadvantages and Downsides

Rugs and pillows that require chunkier yarn won’t work with this tool.

It requires a wire to thread floss and yarn through.

It’s made of cheap materials so it probably won’t last long term.

Where To Purchase

Available on Etsy and

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