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Punch Needle

5 Free Printable Punch Needle Patterns

I’ve been on a punch needle kick lately, so I thought I’d share 5 free printable punch needle patterns that you can download and make yourself!

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying this craft. I was nervous when I first started learning, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got the hang of it. I started out by practicing stitching and then making some simple patterns myself. It’s so relaxing and I LOVE the texture punch needle creates.

I personally like to use a larger tool and thicker yarn because I really like how chunky the punch needle project looks. It also takes less time, so if you’ve got time limitations, you’ll still be able to make something!

If you’ve never given punch needle a try and you want to learn, check out my tutorial on how to do punch needle.

All of the patterns would make a gorgeous weekend project. Enjoy!

Free Punch Needle Patterns

free printable punch needle pattern

Mountain Punch Needle Pattern Studio Koekoek

monstera punch needle pillow pattern

Monstera Leaf Pillow Pattern by Dream A Little Bigger

grapefruit punch needle pattern

Grapefruit Punch Needle Pattern by Homeday Studio

bee pattern

Queen Bee Free Printable Punch Needle Pattern by Marching North

Rainbow Pattern by Sarah Maker

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