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Embroidered Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits

Our pets are part of the family. Whether you’re looking to get a portrait done to celebrate your best friend or memorialize a beloved pet that has passed away, custom embroidered pet portraits are a fun and special keepsake that you’ll be able cherish and hold onto for a long time.


Each portrait is embroidered by hand using a single strand of embroidery floss, one stitch at a time. Making these portraits is a time intensive process. I try my best to add in even the smallest details: maybe your pet has a particular expression or unique markings that you would like included. We can work together to make the best portrait for your pet!

What You’ll Need to Provide

Clear, Well Lit Photos

Photos are super important for the pet portrait process. Photos that are in natural, indirect sunlight are ideal. This will ensure that the pet’s coat colors and markings as well as fur patterns will be easy to see. I am only able to stitch as much detail as I can see, so clear, high definition photos are recommended.

Providing several photos is preferable so I have several to reference. I primarily go off of one photo, but having a few different photos is helpful for me to make sure I’m accurately depicting the essence of your pet!

The photos can be straight on, 3/4 or profile view of your pet. The biggest thing is to make sure the photos show your pets entire face and it is at an angle that you would like the finished portrait to be. ( Also, if you have a photo that is your favorite, please let me know!)

Name + Border

Please provide the name you would like embroidered and anything you would like surrounding the portrait such as leaves or flowers.

Pet Portrait Hoops


Pet portrait hoops are framed in either a light stained beechwood embroidery hoop or a circular wood frame. ***Embroidery hoop frames are an additional $50 on top of the base prices listed below

  • 5 inch portrait (1 pet + name): $375
  • 6 inch portrait (1 pet + name + greenery): $425
  • 7 inch portrait (1 or 2 pets + name + greenery): $525
Example of embroidery hoop frame

At this time, I’m not offering embroidered hats. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you would like to be notified when I have future custom openings, please sign up to my email waitlist.