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Embroidery Podcasts To Listen To While You Stitch

I’m constantly on the lookout for awesome podcasts to enjoy while I’m embroidering. These days, I’ve ditched watching videos or TV while stitching, as it tends to be too distracting. Podcasts and audiobooks have become my go-to, keeping me entertained without forcing me to take my eyes off my work. It’s made a real difference in speeding up my embroidery process!

If you’re into podcasts as much as I am, you likely enjoy a variety of genres. Personally, I’m a big fan of podcasts that focus on embroidery—they’re some of my absolute favorites! Today, I’ve put together a list of fantastic embroidery podcasts for you to explore. Happy listening!

stitching and co podcast

Stitching And Co Podcast

Stitching and Co Podcast with Bess Wilkins is a great podcast that features interviews of contemporary embroidery artists. It can be really interesting and inspiring to learn about other artists’ background and journey into embroidery. The thing I love most about this particular podcast is that each episode usually has some sort of theme to it. (i.e. experimenting with different mediums) There haven’t been any new episodes recently, but there are hours of interviews to enjoy that are valuable listens!

unstitched pod

Unstitched Pod

The Unstitched Pod is a newer podcast that is a conversational one between two embroidery artists, Vika and Hannah. Their podcast discusses topics such as imposter syndrome, running an art business, and tips for getting started with hand embroidery. It’s a laid back, entertaining listen. And just a heads up: there is some explicit language in this one, so I wouldn’t recommend listening with kids around.

the embroidery podcast

The Embroidery Podcast

The Embroidery Podcast is another conversational podcast with professional embroidery artists Masako Newton, Marg Dier, and Becky Hogg. They discuss all things embroidery: from career, helpful tips and tricks, to stitching different subject matter. It’s a great educational listen.

sew what?

Sew What?

If you’re into the history of needlework, this podcast will be right up your alley. Sew What? features many interviews with contemporary artists that tie in some sort of needlework history or technique from the past. This one is not just limited to embroidery: it has many episodes that involve other kinds of needlework too, even one that shares about the history of lace!

stitchery stories

Stitchery Stories

Stitchery Stories is run by host Susan Weeks, who interviews a variety of different textile artists. If you like artist interviews, there is a wide variety of them in this podcast with many different backgrounds: stumpwork embroidery, mixed media, beading, and more.

the cross stitch podcast

The Cross Stitch Podcast

The Cross Stitch Podcast with Hannah Braniff is a podcast for all things cross stitch! This podcast is an informative, mostly solo one. Hannah shares lots of tips and resources for cross stitch, and there are even some book recommendations sprinkled in if you enjoying reading.