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Must Have Embroidery Supplies

This post contains affiliate links in it. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

Learning embroidery is so fun, and with everything available now at your fingertips, it’s definitely not hard to get your hands on what you need. It’s also rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other hobbies out there! Here are some of my favorite embroidery supplies that I use and love.

Below I’ve also linked to articles that go into greater detail about each embroidery material.

Embroidery Hoops

Learn more about embroidery hoops and how to use them here.


There are a ton of different needles out there, here a few that I use the most frequently. Read about embroidery needles and their uses here.

Embroidery Stabilizers and Fabric Markers

These are all of the products I use most frequently to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric. Read more about how to transfer a pattern to fabric here

Embroidery Thread

I recommend DMC over all other embroidery threads, but it is a bit more expensive. I did a comparison review of a couple of common brands of floss here that you can read about. I also have a blog post I wrote about the different kinds of embroidery floss.


A good pair of sharp embroidery scissors and some fabric scissors is a must.

Embroidery Fabric

Here are two of my favorite fabrics to embroider with. Read even more about how to find the best fabric for embroidery.

Embroidery Accessories