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This post contains affiliate links in it. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

Learning embroidery is so fun, and with everything available now at your fingertips, it’s definitely not hard to get your hands on what you need. It’s also rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other hobbies out there! Here are some of my favorite embroidery supplies that I use and love.

embroidery scissors
Small, sharp scissors to cut embroidery thread with
Super sharp, heavy duty scissors for cutting fabric
Transparent water soluble stabilizer is a great way to transfer embroidery stencils onto fabric. This is my method and product of choice when I make custom pet portraits
High quality beechwood embroidery hoop
dmc embroidery needles
Chenille needles are great for embroidery because they have a large eye that makes it easier to thread embroidery floss through
fabric marker
Water soluble markers are great to transfer patterns onto fabric with and easily wash away when you're done.
dmc embroidery tin
The preferred brand of embroidery thread i use...this tin comes with 35 colors to choose from
Muslin and linen are great fabrics to work with as they are sturdy but not heavy weight and the weave is even
Great for organizing thread