Basic Stitches of Embroidery Every Beginner Should Learn

When you’re first learning how to embroider, it’s smart to start with the basic stitches and build off of them. Good news: you don’t need to know a ton of embroidery stitches to make something awesome. The most basic of stitches can make a beautiful embroidery! Here’s a list of my favorites outline and filler stitches.

basic stitches of embroidery

Different Types of Stitches

These embroidery stitches are some of the stitches that I most frequently use, and I think they’re essential if you want to start making embroideries! You don’t need anything special to practice them, just an embroidery hoop, an embroidery needle, some fabric, and some embroidery floss. Linked are some of my favorite supplies that you can get online or at pretty much any craft store!

Back Stitch

back stitch

Running Stitch

basic embroidery stitch: running stitch

Chain Stitch

embroidery chain stitch

French Knot

french knot

Lazy Daisy Stitch

lazy daisy stitch

These stitches are great for flowers. Check out my lazy daisy flower tutorial.

Satin Stitch

satin stitch

Basic Stitches of Embroidery PDF + Free Mini Course

All of the stitches we’ve gone over are ones that I use routinely, and sometimes they’re all that I use!

If you’d like a PDF download of these basic stitches and a free mini course on how to get started with embroidery, you can sign up below! This course is available on my website, I’ll send you the password to get in, and you’re welcome to use it indefinitely! It goes over basic supplies, provides you with a pdf of the embroidery stitches, a free pattern and stencil, and resources (including videos!) to help you continue to learn and have fun with embroidery!

If you’ve got all of these basic stitches of embroidery down pat, I’d suggest investing in a “stitch encyclopedia”. I refer to mine still, to this day when I’m looking for a fun different types of stitches to challenge me.

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