How Difficult Is Embroidery

Are you thinking of learning how to embroider but you’re a bit worried about how much time you’ll have to put into it or how challenging it is? When I first started teaching myself, I too wondered: How difficult is embroidery? And is embroidery hard or easy to learn?

how difficult is embroidery

How Difficult Is Embroidery Really?

Like any skill, it will take time and effort to learn embroidery. But the good news is that beginner embroidery stitches don’t take very long to learn at all! I’ve taught embroidery classes to people who have never embroidered before, and they’ve been able to stitch a relatively simple design using a couple of stitches in an hour or so!

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Beginner Friendly Embroidery Stitches

The main tip I give to people wanting to start learning how to embroider is to focus on just a few basic stitches first. Even learning a few of the basic stitches of embroidery will allow you to make an embroidery!

Here are a few basic, beginner stitches to get you started:

  • back stitch
  • french knots
  • satin stitch
  • chain stitch

Learning just a few or all four of these stitches is enough for you to make an embroidery!

If you’d like to learn these stitches, check out these embroidery stitch tutorials.

Everything You Need To Learn Embroidery In One Place

Any new skill can leave you feeling overwhelmed with where to start and let’s face it: your time is limited.

I created this guide with you in mind!

It has everything in it that you need to know to get started stitching. Comes with tips, material recommendations, and 6 fun projects that will build your confidence and allow you to not just learn the art of embroidery but have something to show for it!

Tips To Make Learning Embroidery Easier

  • Focus on a few embroidery stitches at a time. Learning too much at once will overwhelm you!
  • Try a pattern or embroidery kit made for beginners first. You’ll be able to learn how to embroider some basic stitches while completing a project. Following a pattern will also show you how to design an embroidery stencil and how you can use embroidery stitches in the design!
  • Commit to practicing consistently. Like any skill, it takes time and practice to feel comfortable and confident.

Take a look at these common beginner mistakes to avoid.

Challenging Yourself

Once you’ve mastered some basic stitches, you can challenge yourself and learn many more. In fact, there are hundreds of embroidery stitches you could potentially learn!

The cool thing about embroidery is that you can always learn new techniques or stitch combinations to level up your work. Embroidery can be as challenging as you want it to be.

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