5 Tips For Threading An Embroidery Needle

Something that seems so little but very frustrating at times when you first get started with embroidery is being able to thread the needle easily. With practice, it becomes a lot easier, but I wanted to share with you some tips for threading an embroidery needle to help you out!

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tips for threading an embroidery needle

Tips For Threading An Embroidery Needle

1. Choose the Right Size Embroidery Needle

This is the most important tip in my opinion because it is near impossible to thread a needle that doesn’t have the right size eye on it. Embroidery needles come in many different sizes, which determines the thickness of the needle and also the size of the hole of the eye. First, you have to determine how many strands of embroidery floss you’ll be using. If you’re using all 6 strands of cotton floss or something thicker like yarn, you’ll want to use a large embroidery needle or a chenille needle which will be way easier to thread and stitch with.

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2. Trim The Thread

Before you attempt to thread the needle, trim the thread with a sharp pair of scissors. When embroidery floss is stored, the end of the thread can sometimes get fuzzy or fray, which will make it so much harder to thread the needle.

3. Moisten the End of The Thread

If you’re using more than one strand of embroidery thread, chances are the strands don’t always easily thread through the needle altogether. Use water or lick the end of the thread. This will help keep the strands of thread together.

4. Pinch the Thread Between Thumb and Forefinger

Pinch the very tip of the thread with your thumb and forefinger when inserting it into the eye of the needle to keep all of the strands of thread together as you thread the embroidery needle.

5. Use A Needle Threader

A needle threader may come in handy to thread an embroidery needle. This is a small, metal tool with a loop on the end. You can put the thread through the loop and then insert the loop through the eye of the needle and pull the thread through. This doesn’t normally work if you’re using thicker thread, but it should work if you’re only using a few strands of floss.

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