Basic Embroidery Stitches Free PDF

Beginner Embroidery Stitches

I’ve created a PDF of all of the embroidery stitches you need to get started creating beautiful hand embroidery work! It doesn’t take much to make a piece that looks beautiful, in fact you don’t even need to incorporate all of the stitches I’m about to show you. Even a simple back stitch for the outline of a piece looks amazing! In fact, the embroidery below was made using only four basic stitches, all of which are included in the PDF. 

This PDF also includes high quality pictures that show you how to secure your fabric into a hoop, preparing your needle and thread to start, and then how to do different stitches;  5 easy embroidery stitches to be exact!! It’s the perfect PDF for beginners just learning embroidery. They are easy to learn and they are also some of the most common stitches you’ll find in a lot of different embroidery patterns. Get this PDF and exclusive access to my Intro to Embroidery page that’s included with the PDF!

Embroidery Stitch Guide PDF

This PDF features 5 different kinds of stitches with pictures and names included.

  • Back Stitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Satin Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch

Intro To Embroidery Page

When you sign up below, you’ll get the free stitch guide as well as access to the intro to embroidery page. This page includes an in depth look at the following things:

  • Materials you’ll need
  • Types of embroidery thread video
  • Hand embroidery basics video
  • How to transfer patterns
  • A free embroidery design you can download and stitch
  • Finishing the back of an embroidery hoop
  • A preview of one of the classes I teach
  • A list of embroidery books I recommend

Embroidery Stitch PDF
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Beginner Patterns

Another great way to practice some of these stitches is to get started on your very first project!

Want to learn even more embroidery stitches?

This workbook is NOT your usual stitch encyclopedia. Most embroidery books don’t actually show you how you can use each embroidery stitch and they also don’t come with many tips. This workbook is packed full of helpful information to make you a better, more confident stitcher.

It comes with:

  • embroidery stitch tutorials
  • helpful tips for each stitch that will maximize your learning and improve the way your embroidery looks
  • fun, modern embroidery patterns you can use to learn the stitches with ease

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